Everybody needs to invest otherwise their capital will be eroded purely by the rate of inflation. Where to invest is a major dilemma faced by investors.  Another dilemma is “what do I want from my investment?”  The measure of a good investment is not how much money you earn, but whether or not the value of your investment has increased your future purchasing power?

How do investments work?  Financial Intermediaries like banks, pension funds, and the stock market channel money from savers to borrowers.  Borrowers create businesses & factories.  They build roads, cars and schools.  They research cures for cancer.  They discover new technologies to make our lives better.  True financial investment requires economic forces to work, they require time and the payoff for the borrower and the investor is future purchasing power.

Risk and Time are two elements you must fully consider when making financial decisions.  Any investment designed to make money quickly is not an investment but instead speculation or gambling.

We specialise in providing good investment solutions suitable for your needs, objectives and attitude towards investment risk.  As you know throughout life your investment requirements will change. You may start out saving money to put a deposit down for your first home. Then saving into a pension fund for future retirement or saving into a savings plan to fund school and university fees for your children.  Whatever your reasoning, most people have placed an investment at some point in life.

For Investors looking for alternative liquid solutions to property investment or looking to add diversification to their current asset holdings.  A portfolio investment that holds liquid regulated financial assets like, stocks, shares, mutual funds, ETFs, ETNs and cash is an ideal instrument to build your personal wealth.

Whether you are looking for a means to invest for Capital Growth or Regular Income, we can provide a range of tax efficient Lump Sum investment products that will meet your investment goals and circumstances.  We work with Discretional Fund Managers, Offshore Life Companies and Platforms that offer bespoke investment vehicles for expat investors, regardless of where you live in the world.  With access to hundreds of investment companies and products, we will find the right investment vehicle for you.  You can choose from tailor made bespoke products from an Investment Platform or Offshore Life Company, where you can have as much input into the investment process and decision making as you wish.  Or if you prefer to leave it in the hands of the professional fund manager, you can select from a wide range of Discretional Portfolio Managers.

As your trusted financial planner, Astute will be on hand to help you with the full investment process.  Ensuring all compliance procedures are adhered to, including product and investment suitability.  Our goals are to work with you to grow your wealth and create peace of mind.