You may be a healthy expat now but tomorrow could be a different story.  Health Insurance is important to help you and your family remain healthy and cover medical care expenses if you become unwell, have an accident or fall pregnant.

Healthcare Insurance shouldn’t be just a protection policy, it should also be viewed as a personal investment.  We are used to investing in our homes and for our children’s education, right?

So why not in our health?  We can all agree that a person needs to be fit and healthy to enjoy the great things in life.

Unfortunately, British Expats are the most likely group of expatriates to forego or overlook private medical insurance for themselves and their families when living abroad.

This comes down largely to their overreliance on the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) which is funded by the UK State through taxation.

Even when living abroad many Expats believe that if the worst happens then they can travel back to the UK for free treatment on the NHS.

However, if you are sick or have been involved in a serious accident that impedes travel, returning to the UK will not be possible.

With BREXIT and growing funding pressures on the NHS, the UK are closing the door on expat health tourists by introducing more stringent UK residency tests.

This is also the case for many European countries, when reciprocal state health agreements are in jeopardy due to funding restrictions and BREXIT.

Elsewhere around the world, many state run hospitals are poorly funded, have a lack of expertise and have very poor cleanliness.

Rather than rolling the dice with your health, there are affordable alternatives out there for expats.

We can provide a range of tailor made comprehensive healthcare insurance packages that include sub plans and payment options that make cover far more affordable and flexible.

Benefits can include access to world-class private hospitals and clinics, dental, vision and maternity care, as well as emergency or long-term illness protection.

We work with some of the largest healthcare providers whose plans are designed for people working or living abroad.  We will be sure to find you the best plan to suit your needs and budget.