The importance of ‘pre-departure’ travel insurance for Expats

The importance of ‘pre-departure’ travel insurance for Expats

Expats are being reminded to ensure they have taken out a travel insurance policy which includes ‘pre-departure’ cover, after a recent survey found that most of short-term travel insurance claims relate to trips which had to be cancelled or amended before they even begun.

A study of thousands of holidaymakers recently published in the International Travel & Health Insurance Journal suggests that in 2017, around 30 per cent of travel insurance claims lodged with one prominent provider related to ‘pre-departure’ trip cancellations.

Of 2,282 travel insurance claims processed over the course of the year, as many as 859 involved unforeseen illnesses or events which prevented travellers from being able to go through with their holiday plans, the research reveals.

Furthermore, around 20 per cent of claims related to ‘unexpected medical expenses’ incurred following an accident abroad, while one in seven involved lost suitcases or valuables.

The data highlights the fact that holidaymakers need to ensure that they are prepared for all eventualities when planning a trip – including the likelihood that they might not even end up going in the first place.

Naturally, individuals who neglect the importance of a sound insurance policy run the risk of losing thousands of pounds in lost hotel bookings, flight bookings and more.  Focus is on Expatriates, as many fail to consider travel insurance prior to a trip back to their country of origin.

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