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Bored In Lockdown!, Why Not Organise Your Finances?

After we have re-decorated our houses, spruced up the garden and exhausted our streaming options on Netflix & Amazon Prime. Now is the perfect time to look at our personal finances? It may mean looking out paperwork and going online to update passwords, but it will keep you busy for the next couple of hours.



2019 UK General Election

The 2019 UK election has been announced for December 12 and is likely to be the biggest – perhaps only talking point between now and Christmas. Today is the first day of official campaigning…. While these are uncharted waters, political uncertainty is nothing new. On this occasion, as in the past, people will get on with their day jobs,[…]



Non-UK domiciled and owning UK property?

Life Insurance is the perfect solution Whilst property investment in the UK remains an extremely attractive investment opportunity, there have been significant changes in recent years to the taxation of UK residential property held by offshore entities. Historically, UK property owned by an offshore company which was owned either by a foreign domiciled person (“non-dom”) or by[…]



Why a world of low-returns is here to stay

From soaring market returns, solid and dependable government bonds and even cash protected in some way from the debilitating impact of inflation in the past, investors are now left with a bleaker future ahead, investment managers have warned. The regulator has backed this glum prediction with the Financial Conduct Authority’s latest consultation paper confirming its estimate for[…]



How to Double Your Money in Half the Time

Want to turn £1 into £300? Invest in equities. Want to turn £1 into £22,000? Reinvest dividends – such is the power of compound interest. These figures aren’t plucked from thin air – they represent the movement of the US stock market in the 20th century. Albert Einstein called compound interest the eighth wonder of the world[…]

BUZZWORD-Cryptocurrencies - Bitcoin and Ethereum.



BUZZWORD: Cryptocurrencies – Bitcoin and Ethereum.

In 2017 the world went mad for Cryptocurrencies, with some analysts predicting it’s a bubble waiting to burst and others predicting the future will be dominated by digital currencies. A cryptocurrency is a medium of exchange like normal currencies such as USD, GBP & TRY, but designed for exchanging digital information through a process made possible by certain principles[…]




Finding the right Financial Advisor

First of all, it’s important to establish the difference between a Financial Advisor and an Independent Financial Advisor (IFA). What makes an IFA different is that they are independent – that means they aren’t acting on behalf of any particular product provider or any other body. They usually work for themselves, acting on behalf of you, the[…]