@ Astute FMA we believe that every client is unique: your personal circumstances, your preferences and your objectives form an individual profile that informs and influences our recommendations for your investments, savings and other products. As entirely independent advisers, we will access the whole marketplace for you. With years of experience and expertise we specialise in matching your profile with the product or portfolio that’s right for you.

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The introduction of new pension freedom rules in April 2015 has enabled full encashment of pension pots from age 55.  It is therefore essential for UK pension holders to seek professional financial advice as many people will face a dilemma whether to utilise the new rules or whether to seek out other pension options that are more tax-efficient.  Our role as independent financial advisors is to guide you through all of the new pension rule changes and to provide you with options that are right for you.

If you are looking to maintain your pension for future income requirements then there are a number of Pension Transfer options available to holders of UK pensions currently; including SIPPS, QROPS & QNUP schemes.  We can help find the best pension transfer option for you.

A QROPS (Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme) is something which should be considered by anybody with a UK pension who is either planning to or has already moved abroad.  A QROPS is an overseas pension scheme that meets certain requirements set by HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC).  A QROPS can receive the transfer of UK pension benefits from private or company schemes.

QROPS are increasingly popular for British Expats due (but not limited to) the significant tax advantages applied when drawing down pension income. Pension funds left in the UK are heavily taxed, in some cases up to 55%. Transferring a UK pension fund into a QROPS can avoid UK taxation altogether.

By seeking out professional advice – greater flexibility and stability, along with a wider choice of scheme providers awaits those individuals who do their homework.

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Everybody needs to invest otherwise their capital will be eroded purely by the rate of inflation. Where to invest is a major dilemma faced by investors. Another dilemma is – “what do I want from my investment?”

The measure of a good investment is not how much money you earn, but whether or not the value of your investment has increased your future purchasing power? True financial investment require economic forces to work – they require time – and the payoff (future purchasing power) only happens if we get our analysis correct.

Risk and time are two elements you must consider when making financial decisions. Any investment designed to make money quickly is not an investment but instead speculation or gambling. We specialise in providing “good investment” solutions suitable for your needs, objectives and attitude towards risk.

As you know throughout life your investment requirements will change. You may start out requiring capital growth products to plan ahead for retirement or regular saving schemes to fund school & university fees for your children. However once you grow older, your needs will change as you will then require solutions to fund regular income in retirement.

Get Investment planning right & you can make your life a dream.

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Tax Planning

With a clear understanding of your own particular needs, your personal Astute FMA Adviser will identify effective, tax-efficient options that work hard to meet and exceed your individual objectives.

Expatriate tax and finance can get over-complicated and time-consuming. So enjoy peace of mind in our experts taking the initiative and doing it all for you, leaving you to reap the rewards. Our advice is always tax-led, to ensure you’re making the most of your assets, but we’re far more than just tax experts. Taking into account your personal needs, circumstances and hopes for the future, we can help you secure a stress-free and financially comfortable future.

With Inheritance Tax Planning (IHT), Wills & Trusts; we can help ensure your wealth and belongings reach the people you want them to, in the most tax-efficient manner. Powers of Attorney are a useful tool for you and your family, should you become physically or mentally incapable of managing your affairs and we can also help you with this if required.

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Property For Pensions

Have you got your future income covered? Prosperity are a UK company whose main focus is to provide affordable property for an individuals personal pension plan. They passionately believe that property should form the basis of any pension or long term investment plan, which is why they are dedicated to providing an affordable way to access UK property as an income producing tool. Take a look at they do in this short video

Prosperity offer 100% standard UK property, with a choice of three specially designed payment plans, each tailored to suit their clients’ individual circumstances and long term financial goals. From investment to income in just a few simple steps, Prosperity clients can purchase heavily discounted UK property, at a rate otherwise available only to funds. Let’s say this client was you. You’d own the underlying property yet still enjoy the convenience of paying across stages that suits you. What better reassurance than to know that your money is safely tied into an income producing asset, of which you have full control? What’s more, as a complete hands-off investment Prosperity are geared up to manage the whole process from start to finish; from the initial reservation, right through the sale and build of the property and post completion. So whether you have limited knowledge of the property industry, very little time to spare, have no access to large cash deposits, or purely buying the property to sell on… Prosperity can offer an affordable saving for rerirement solution.


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